Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

Secret Psychological Tactics of Cult Leaders, Conmen and Comedians

The course covered and UNcovered such topics as Psychological Ventriloquism, Gaslighting, Playing Games You Cannot Lose and much more. Most people will never even hear of ideas like these much less ever know how to profit from them. It also exposes:
Two ugly truths no one wants to talk about
Why people don’t respond to “honest” communication and what they WILL respond to
The Masking of Intent
The Achilles Heel of the Human Mind
Our 7 "Hidden” Addictions
An ad that changed history
The Mechanics of Cult Mind Control
How to Create a Context of Power
The Power of a God Complex
and much, much more
Some have asked if this material has a particular focus such as copywriting, sales or negotiation. It does not. This material is about persuasion as it applies to a broad spectrum of interpersonal relationships and human communication. In other words, it is not specifically about copywriting, sales, marketing or family relationships, etc. It is about human nature - how to understand it, how to work with it and most importantly, how to profit from it. So while salesmen, marketers, copywriters and others will certainly profit from it, it is not intended to address any particular area of persuasion over another.

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