Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Positive and Negative Numbers

What are you going to learn?

Ú To use negative numbers
Ú To draw integers in a number line
Ú To compare integers
Ú To put integers in a sequence

Key Terms:
· integers
· positive integers
· negative integers
· number lineIn a weather forecast, it is predicted that it will rain in the city P with a minimum temperature of 1 ºC below zero and a maximum temperature of 6 ºC. It will be sunny in the city Q with a temperature of 6 ºC and cloudy in the city R with a temperature of 10 ºC. Can whole numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, ... represent the situation above?

A bird is perching on the top of the mast of a fisherman’s boat with a height of 3 metres. Meanwhile, the fisherman is diving 5 meters under the sea level.

Look at the picture of a thermometer on the right. What numbers are on the picture?
-5 0 +5 You may write the temperature of 5 degrees above zero as 5 ºC, and write the temperature of 5 degrees below zero as -5 ºC. The number 5 is read as positive 5 while the number –5 is read as negative 5. The numbers 5 and -5 can be drawn on a vertical or a horizontal line as follows.

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